Stakeholder management tips/guidance as as new PM?

Jerico Lumanlan
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Hi all 👋 I broke into PM from a Product Design role just this year and one of my specific challenges how stakeholder management. Do you have any tips/recommendations as to how I can make steps towards how to learn what it takes to work effectively with growth, sales, logistics/ops, senior management, etc.? Thank you very much!


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Learn how people like to be communicated with and how often. One PM I work with is always up for a chat and always likes to be updated with how I'm getting on with tasks. Whereas, the PM on my other project is fine with just a weekly catch up. Same goes for those you work with who aren't managers - Do they respond best to an email, or a slack message? Or, is it better to go up to their desk to ask for an update... I've learnt that communication is crucial when working as a manager in a team. Despite whether you're managing people, or a product.
Jerico Lumanlan
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Hi @janinah, great insight! I actually haven't thought about cadence when communicating so that's definitely worth considering 😄