Stakeholder management tips/guidance as as new PM?

Jerico Lumanlan
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Hi all 👋 I broke into PM from a Product Design role just this year and one of my specific challenges how stakeholder management. Do you have any tips/recommendations as to how I can make steps towards how to learn what it takes to work effectively with growth, sales, logistics/ops, senior management, etc.? Thank you very much!


Learn how people like to be communicated with and how often. One PM I work with is always up for a chat and always likes to be updated with how I'm getting on with tasks. Whereas, the PM on my other project is fine with just a weekly catch up. Same goes for those you work with who aren't managers - Do they respond best to an email, or a slack message? Or, is it better to go up to their desk to ask for an update... I've learnt that communication is crucial when working as a manager in a team. Despite whether you're managing people, or a product.
Jerico Lumanlan
Hi @janinah, great insight! I actually haven't thought about cadence when communicating so that's definitely worth considering 😄
Rounakpreet Singh
As a new Product Manager, effective stakeholder management is crucial for success. Here are some tips and guidance, along with a resource that can be particularly helpful: Identify Key Stakeholders: First, identify all relevant stakeholders, including internal teams, customers, and partners. Understand their roles, interests, and expectations. Build Relationships: Establish positive relationships by actively engaging with stakeholders. Regularly communicate updates, and progress, and involve them in decision-making when appropriate. Listen Actively: Practice active listening to understand their needs and concerns. This demonstrates empathy and builds trust. Prioritize Stakeholder Needs: While making decisions, prioritize stakeholder needs and align them with your product strategy. Effective Communication: Clearly communicate your product vision, goals, and progress to keep stakeholders informed and engaged. Manage Expectations: Set realistic expectations and be transparent about what can and cannot be achieved within the project scope. Conflict Resolution: Learn conflict resolution techniques to address disagreements or conflicts among stakeholders. Data-Driven Insights: Utilize data and insights to support your decisions and demonstrate the rationale behind your choices. Continuous Learning: Seek opportunities for continuous learning and improvement. Consider attending webinars like "Aligning Product Stakeholders: How to Build Bridges (and not burn them)" to gain valuable insights into stakeholder management. The webinar "Aligning Product Stakeholders: How to Build Bridges (and not burn them)" can be a valuable resource for new Product Managers. It provides practical guidance on fostering positive relationships with stakeholders and avoiding common pitfalls. By attending this webinar, you can enhance your stakeholder management skills and increase your effectiveness as a Product Manager.