Solo vs. Team , what are the pros and cons of each approach while making products ?

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some people prefer running the show all by themselves, while others work better in your opinion, what merits and demerits have you experienced while following each approach


Ng Fang Kiang
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I just bootstrapping a startup. Currently, one-man doing everything. Dealing with entire business, app (web, android, ios, windows), marketing, sales, promoting and so on. The Pros: - No need to waste time tutoring people, delegating tasks and so on - Zero waste of time on political or socializing - You take all the credits The Cons - It's quite difficult and challenging - Burnout easily - You have to learn everything and do everything yourself I'm a business graduate, self-taught programmer. I write code from web, WordPress, Android, Data Analyst, Data Science to advanced level stuff like Computer Vision, AI, and Machine Learning. There is lots of effort before I start this startup. I'm going to put most of my skills blended into my new startups. So, I can put my hard-earned skills into something I can brag about. XD