Smart plant pot project

Tjark Wesselink
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Hi everyone, I am working on a side project and i was wondering if people would be interested in this product if this product is even desirable. Down below a short pitch. The smarthome plant pot: What people often forget about having an indoor plant is that the plant also needs feeding, not just water but also supplements. The consequence is that indoor plants only survive for one or two years. The idea is that the pot itselft will provide water and nutrition to the soil. Sensors will provide enough information to get the best ratio water and nutritions for that specific plant. Al this can be monitored via an app. I am curious what you all think if you have any tips and how desirable this product is?


It's a great idea, but how much do sensors cost to analyze the chemical composition of the sole? By the way, that's a great idea.
Tjark Wesselink
@fares_aktouf Thx for replying the costs of these sensors are relatively low so that will not be to big of a problem. Thanks for thinking along
@tjark_wesselink in this case go! it's great idea
Nabeel Amir
It is a great idea. Such pot will help the owner know why his plant is dying, as many people don't know much about planting except the basics.
Zifa Sadriyeva
Plants survive 1 or 2 years in the most plant-knowledgeable households. There are many people, including many young professionals, whose plants survive just 2-3 months and because they know it, they do not buy plants even if they want! So you do have a lot of market, certainly, if the pot is connected to a big tank of water supply, which lasts perhaps up to 3 months or is permanent. Please upvote my discussion with a Poll about profit margins in the New discussions, you may find it very useful for any business.
Christian C
I was working for a startup which had lots of plants in the office. For two months they couldn't access the office and not sure what happened next.... that would have been a really helpful solution for them!
James Salli
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Clair Birge
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Yami San
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