Slack and Community

Mary Kh
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Hi all! It's Mary here Do any of you use Slack to build community around a product? Or is it more for team communications? Share your experiences, please


Dawn Veltri
We haven't done this, but I think it's a great idea because many people are already on slack. I can't say that I'm specifically a part of any product's community on Slack. I am a part of many Slack groups that are for marketing, though. As long as you are providing a clear value for your target market, it will grow. Last week, I spoke with the community builder for a huge online community and he said they have to actively weed out people making sales pitches each day to keep the value strong. I think that is the thing I dislike about most communities - they just become a giant pitch if not monitored well.
Rucha Joshi
@dawn_veltri1 I agree and I have found reddit to be more effective for community building and engagement than Slack.
Mary Kh
@dawn_veltri1 It's true, I've noticed too that communities turn into a marketplace, thanks for the answer!
Elena Cirera
I used Slack for internal communication; I have no idea how to use Slack to build a community.
Not used Slack to build a community but @tiagorbf might have some thoughts
Hey @maxwellcdavis and @marynotj my remote coworking space is a spin off of my podcast. It started as a way to gather the listeners and guests and quickly evolved to become its own product. I don't come here that often so it might take a while for me to answer so in case you have any further question just DM me on Twitter: @wbepodcast cheers
Ng Fang Kiang
Slack is built for company/organization team communication. But it doesn't stop people from building their own community. There are many people who use Slack to build a community. I think it's not a bad idea too. But I don't use Slack to build community because I have more goals and things to achieve rather than a simple community. These are some reasons I built my own community on for digital nomads and remote workers.
Mary Kh
@jorcus Thanks for you experience, can I have a chance to see your community?
Rosie Sherry
Lots of people use Slack. These days I use Discord more. (It doesn't mean Slack is wrong to use). If you want to start a community, consider that much of the foundation of that is having conversations. As long as you are having those you can build community, the platform isn't as important as we like to believe.
Mary Kh
@rosiesherry Rosie, can I write to you somewhere, ask you questions about community building?