[SHOW PH] I computed a report with what is going on in r/SideProjects

Ben Cotte
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My last report for Unbundling Reddit was on r/SideProject. I read 100 posts from this sub to unearth what people from this sub are talking about and looking for. I hope it can help you with your user discovery or give you new business ideas! Table of content 1. The sub 2. The people 3. Actions & Motivators 4. The loves 5. The debates & hates 6. The mods 7. The nuggets 8. 3 tips to engage 9. 3 recommendations about business opportunities Find it here: https://unbundlingreddit.gumroad... *Mind this is a Gumroad link — it makes it easier for me to know how many times the report was read. Which is so valuable for me* 🙏


Md Shadab Alam
I loved your approach of using gumroad to know the number how many times it was read. It's lean and simple, no website, no analytics need, awesome
Ben Cotte
@mdshadabalam3 Thanks mate! I appreciate. I was wondering whether it was not too cumbersome, and I hesitated with https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ben... - Somehow, some friends told me that Gumroad looked more professional, so I went for it.