Shouting into the void - who would have thought building an audience was hard 🤯

Jake Reynolds
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I always knew that building an audience was difficult, but in the back of my mind was always "if you build it, they will come". That was until I created a twitter account and started from zero followers, haha. Growth hacking aside, what was it like getting your first 10/100/1000 members in the community you've built?


Lucian Tartea
Definitely not easy Jake but worth every second invested. Twitter is a top referrer for my projects now. I shared my experience and what I was working on. Also I tried to constantly interact to many peers that were creating content that I liked
Ferenc Forgacs
@luciantartea how did you find the people to interact with? When I was trying to do that I always ended up spending too much time on searching for something I can respond.
Lucian Tartea
@feriforgacs I created a list of big and medium sized accounts which had audiences that I wanted to reach and invested the time to build up relationships with them. I also added accounts that already helped my projects in one way or the other. I did my best to understand what objectives they had on Twitter and pushed to support them. This made my account visible to their audience. I also received direct support from them in time and even made friends
Andrew Glenn
@luciantartea That's some great tactical-level advice there!