Should i turn my side project to a start up?

sulyman moyo
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Hello PH, I'm Moyo. I just launched a crappy side project 3 days ago and i've got over 30 sign ups already. Overwhelming being i made it within 2 hours cause i was a little bored and felt it would be "cool". Now growing quite well, with users all around the world and a lot of NFT Artists chatting me up on how helpful NFT HUNT is. I'm currently on a path towards a robotics start up but torn between going on or spinning NFT Hunt into a start up and be fully focused as i feel like i'm solving an actual problem. A few analytics to help: on average a user spends 3 minutes on NFT Hunt (which is ideal as there's not enough content to keep for soooo long) NFT Artists posting everyday and even booking NFT Drops. Over 700 pageviews so far. And retention is at almost 90 per cent. That's some KPI's what do you think i should do?


Prateek Mathur
Keep building on the side for now, can you convert these signups to paying users?
Prateek Mathur
You can't charge both sides?
Shiva Prabhakaran
Ask people for money and if they pay then go full on ahead. Otherwise continue pursuing this (if at all) on the side.