Share yours day-to-day morning, daily and evening habits.

Angel Angelov
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Mine: Morning: * No phone * Plan my day Daily: * Reading books * Taking courses * No social media mindless scrolling Evening: * No phone * Reading book or watch for 1 hour TV What about yours?


Marcella Harris
Before working Wake up at 7:30 Have breakfast Read books and take notes for an hour During working Check and reply emails Editing Have lunch Go for a walk for an hour Editing Email and contact Have dinner Summarize my work After working Workout at home for an hour Watch Youtube for an hour or simply relax Go to sleep at 23:00
Mine: Morning: * Fight with my bed & my alarm * Phone * No realy plan my day Daily: * Reading mails * Calls * Hold meetings Evening: * phone * Take a drink * Watch for until 1 a.m TV * Social media mindless scrolling
Luka Vasic
Morning: - Breakfast - Gym - Reading a book Daily: - Work - Meetings - Study Evening: - Plan out the next day - Take a relaxing walk - Gaming and Youtube