Share your hack for productivity, task management, and prioritization of tasks.

Pankti Shah
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Nico Spijker
Don't make tasks too big. Teams often struggle with never-ending tasks. Make sure that after a work session, someone can tick something off or is at least halfway there. You can also leverage checklist for this if you don't want to create a million tasks.
Vishal Godhwani from Brew Money
I use Windows in-built sticky notes. Write all tasks for the day on it before starting. Make the priority ones bold. Close that first and remove it from the list. This works well for me. I have tried to use calendar, Jira, and some other tools, however, I found sticky notes the least distracting.
John Smith
For me booking time in calender for specific task works well.
Angeli Zhao
Make bigger tasks into smaller increments that can be completed in one-sitting. If you work in a team, encouragement often works and recognition of achievements are great as well. Having a to-do list that must be completed. Internalised motivation/ extrinsic motivation. I like to go old-school and use a journal everyday and write down what I need to get done. Hope this helps!
Tetiana Nikolaieva
I am using Yaware TimeTracker. It helps me take pictures of my work day and analyze what is wrong with my priorities. The program shows what I spend my working time on. After that, I analyze what needs to be changed in my working day. Yaware TimeTracker is also suitable for companies and their teams to improve productivity.
Pavel Kukhnavets
Organizing tasks, automating assignments, and controlling planning can be pleasant processes if you choose a right project management tool. This tool will help you eliminate mess in your project routine and allow for the clear-cut task management. With this software, you will be able to work with personal tasks, subtasks, groups of tasks, milestones, and dependencies. I'd suggest to consider such platforms as GanttPRO, Toggl Plan, or even Excel. For example, GanttPRO ( offers a powerful set of features for modern managers and teams. Creating projects is simple and quick there, and the drag & drop features make it easy to add new tasks, create dependencies, assign resources, track progress, manage dates, and, if needed, change data.
Jovana Madjovska
Identify the most important tasks that align with your goals and tackle them first. Use techniques like the ABC method. Break tasks into smaller, manageable steps, and utilize project management software for task organization. Allocate time blocks for each task; helps prevent multitasking and minimize interruptions by turning off notifications and closing unnecessary tabs or apps. The Pareto Principle states that roughly 80% of outcomes come from 20% of inputs!
Jana Simeonovska
Reward yourself with a short break after successfully completing each task! Not only will you reward yourself for each accomplishment, but you'll also take a moment to recharge for the upcoming challenge, ensuring that you are prepared for it!