Share your favorite communication app

Damo Crtos
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As we know, there are tons of different apps for communicating, but only several ones of them are really popular. So, what is your choice and why? For example, I use Telegram mod apk because it is light-weighted and super fast. Moreover, I managed to transfer a half of my phonebook there by advertising its features. Its developers add new functions every week and I believe one day Telegram will be more popular than Twitter.


Andrew Glenn
WhatsApp is my default, particularly with contacts in Europe. With Americans, it's mostly just SMS. Many Americans in government overseas use Signal more. Then, depending on where I'm at (e.g., Eastern Europe), I may use Telegram or Vibr more. They are my least favorites, but that may be just lack of regular use.
Ezzat Suhaime
I really like Snap!
Qudsia Ali
I mostly use WhatsApp, but I also use Telegram and local SMS. WhatsApp is not my favorite because it lacks many features, and there are privacy concerns as well.
Sandra Djajic
I use Telegram, Whatsapp, and Signal - Telegram is definitely the winner in my eyes.