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Shubhendra Vikram
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Hey, We are building a product for creators to host online communities, free and paid live events, cohort based courses, challenges, discussion channels etc. We have 1000+ creators and 650,000 signups in India but due to various reason we are looking forward to change our core target market to US/ Europe. Seeking feedback/guidance from anyone who is building in this market or relevant creators who run courses, paid events etc. We Ideally want to understand market dynamics and relevant features in this market. Links: | Will love to have 1 on 1 feedback as well:


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I'll just upvote to give a chance to more people to see it. I am not a maker in this segment :) Good luck!
Ira GI
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Thanks for sharing! and good luck to you!
Just upvoted and all best wishes!
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You need to go an existing community for course creators and ask them about how they attract people to pay for their courses, what struggles they have with the approach they are taking, what tools the currently, how they get feedback from people who took their courses, etc?
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Hey Shubhendra - this may be of interest to you. We recently helped a B2B enterprise startup validate their idea in 2 days with 109 messages. Getting feedback for their product on BetaList didn’t go as planned. However, with Mavolos, they managed to get 6 demos booked and speak with 30 target customers. If this is something you’re challenged with too, I’d love to show you how you can get your first customers!