Second-time founder 0.01

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Hello Iā€™m Gigi šŸ‘‹ And I'm officially starting my first post series here on PH, about my journey as a second-time founder. After killing my first startup very fast, due to the decision of my technical partner to leave the project, because we had to pivot the company due to lack of PMF! :d I decided to not give up and start building in public, be completely transparent and share my process during, no matter good or bad things happen along the way (because nobody talks about the challenges aka. bad things when going through building a startup). I hope you guys learn something from my upcoming future experience.ā˜  I am going to post weekly step by step highlights on how I go through building and thinking about my product, what I learn from the feedback I gather, product-designing the product, and the process behind working with a dev freelancer, rather than a technical co founder (btw. this is fu*kin scary) Next week Iā€™m going to post what exactly is my project about, why I started working on it and why I am excited about it. PS: I`m going to post only on the Build In Public channel, If you have any other recommendations happy to hear some. Take care and see you next week!šŸ’„
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