Scalable Rewards Solution

Miriam Dorsett
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Hey there! Hope you are well. I'm looking for a scalable way to reward people. Does a product like this exist? For example, engage with this social post and get a $5 giftcard to starbucks. But need the giftcard to generate automatically each time, until X dollar threshold. Happy to look at similar products, any ideas for how I can reward my community easily. Thank you in advance!


Phil Rivard
That's a really interesting use case. Would be curious to see if this exists already (I'm sure it does but haven't come across such a platform yet!).
Jordan Lewis
Great use case! Interested to see if there are any out there! 👀
Qudsia Ali
I am not aware of any such solution, but I would love to know if there are any. It can be an excellent solution for rewards. Nice idea, though.
That really interesting! These companies do not offer exactly what you are looking for, but one of their features is rewarding in exchange for writing reviews and reposting on social media:
Gabe Perez
You might be able to hack something together using Zapier and Airtable. Pre-buy gift cards, store all codes on Airtable and then use Zapier to trigger the code send when your requested action occurs by the user.
Ivan Ralic
I think that KingSumo by AppSumo Team sounds close to something you are looking for 😄 I was developing but it's on pause for now 🤐 So please come back to me whether KingSumo solves your pain point, I'm just interested 😄
Miriam Dorsett
@ralic Hi Ivan, this KingSumo looks cool. Def does not solve my pain point. I love your landing page for Nitro, have feedback if and when you work on it again. Lets KIT!
Shiv Shankar Ganesh
RazorPayX solves this. Send payout links based on events/triggers.
Miriam Dorsett
@shivsg97 Hi Shiv, the landing page has no info about this. TBH it looks a little sketch. Do you have a link to more information? Is this your product?
Philip Nunez
Yes! Check out PICKL - they engage brands with their consumers through their platform. They're a startup based out of Long Beach that does exactly what you're looking for.