SaaS founders, do you leverage your existing customers to convert new leads?

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Hi SaaS founders, Just wondering if anyone has tried to connect your existing customers to new leads/signups so they can ask questions? Basically leveraging the testimonials/reviews of existing customers to lower the risk for new leads and convert them into new customers. Do you see any issues with this approach?


Pablo Fatas
Always sounds better coming from someone not affiliated to the company. If you have a group of customers who are willing to vouch for you and get in touch with leads thats amazing. Not only are you more likely to convince the new customer but it shows that you have people that stand behind waht you are doing. On our community slack at SigmaOS we get messages from time to time like “I showed it to everyone at work and they were impressed” and this is the the best feeling since; one it means out user liked it enough to share with the people around him and two that our product is getting out there to new potential users.
Samir Moussa
Recommendations are always very powerful but there are a few caveats with this approach. You want to bother existing customers as little as possible. Sometimes you need to provide something in return for existing customers to get out of their way. The other one is new customers might feel the connection to be staged or scripted, as with testimonials which sound like they have been read out from a script you wrote for them. Testimonials need to sound genuine and come from big players in order to have any weight, so I suggest asking for quotes once and putting them on your site. Hope that helps!