Road to my first email sign-up

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hey PHunters Just wanted to share a little success I've had a while ago. After about 2 weeks of posting in the void and not getting any reaction, I've finally managed to get someone to submit their email through my 'keep me updated' form. It took daily posting on Reddit and IndieHackers and about 20 iterations on my landing page. But I have to say it was worth it. I'm building as a solo dev, trying to get the idea validated as I build it, and starting a small community of people who experienced getting stuck when learning to code. Getting that first email put a lot of fuel on my motivation to ship it.


David J. Kim
Co-Founder of Between
Congratulations on the milestone Steph! Here's to more to come.
Maxwell Davis
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Well done Steph - I've been trying to get myself to pre-write the first few emails for our early sign-ups so this is really inspiring!
Mark Amouzgar
I am CEO and founder of March Health.
well done!
Thanks for the appreciations everybody, means a lot!
Dawn Veltri
Congrats, Steph!