Request: Product Managers willing to chat about their experience working remotely

Ian Johnson
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Are there any PMs working remotely right now? I would really appreciate the opportunity to ask you some questions over a call about the last time you had to brief your team on a piece of work/problem. If you drop a comment I can DM you or alternatively if you don't mind Calendly you can book a slot here


Product Enthusiast
I don't consider myself a PM, but I've had the experience of volunteering as a PM for a non-profit as a student, and collaborating remotely with other students (across different countries). Not sure if you'd be interested to speak to me!
Product Guy building something new
Hey Daryll, you may not be the exact audience I was targeting but equally would love to hear if there is overlap in contexts and pains you experienced. Might drop you a DM to organize a time if that suits?