[Remote]: Tips for setting healthy work-life boundaries at home πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Vedran Rasic
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I worked from home for 4 straight years, and I worked 6 years in a mixed remote/office setup. Here are some of my tips for setting healthy work-life boundaries at home: P.S. Some of these tips might not be feasible for you. But do consider those that are... 1. Understand that your aim is to find something that you enjoy doing most of the time. It is doable. 2. Get fiber-optic internet, 4k camera, good microphone. It will pay dividends. 3. Separate living from working environment. When I shut the door of my basement, that's it. 4. I have my "office" shoes. When I am in them, I am primed to think that work just started. It's a kind of neat way to divide my routines. 5. Go to a coffee shop or work with somebody you like for a day. Or just go to the office if possible. 6. Have focused time. Book off some time on your calendar without notifications, just deep work. 7. If possible, put sounds and distractions to a minimum. 8. Put your phone out of sight and reach when on your laptop/desktop. 9. If you work on a computer, just get a standing desk. That's it. Period. Go! And get that standing mat too. 10. Figure out what calms you. Example: Sometimes, I take a shower in the middle of the day. Other days I just take a nap or go jogging. 11. It's OK not to be productive. Take time off the screen. Do it often. 12. Setup times in your calendar for meals, exercise, hobbies, loved ones. Just book it off. That's it. 13. Try and have at least 1 day/week without meetings. Book it off. Fridays tend to be good days for that. 14. Jam as many meetings together as possible. Don't let meetings to be spread out too much. It will kill your productivity. 15. Do meetings standing. You'll finish them quicker. 16. Try not to bring any digital/office gear to your bedroom. 17. Have two computers. One for work. One for fun. 18. If you can't get away from the virtual office, do something where you have to apply your undivided attention. For example, I do MTB or a long drive to someplace. Or just do anything where you can't have the internet, and that'll do. :) β€” And now I'll disappoint you. I don't believe in a work-life balance. Yikes! I think you are YOU (and should be!), wherever you are at work or home. In 2022 there's no need to fake/facade things. So keep playing and uncovering. And you'll find the optimal balance between you and the output (legacy) you leave behind. No need to live two lives. Live one that matters. Keep creating! πŸŽ‰ πŸ™Œ


Great insights Vedran! few of these matches with that of mine. πŸ˜ƒ
@vedranrasic 1, 2,3, 5 - often go to cafe with my fellows feels me more productive, 6 - had a fixed slot for focused hours with appropriate break, 7 - don't like sound distractions at all, untill i'm in my home workspace, keep my mobile on DND, 10 - Go for jogging or at some hilly areas. 13 - had weekends off 16 - try to.... These ones!
Maxwell Davis
Thanks for sharing these Vedran - super useful!
Vedran Rasic
@maxwellcdavis thanks a lot Max. It's my pleasure. πŸ™
Ivan Ralic
Most of these match with my habits including random daily showers πŸ˜‚ 3. is a must, but I think you don't need two separate rooms. My biggest advice for newcomer-single-room-single-computer-makers is: Work at your desk, relax on the couch. And never mix those two. With this simple habit I've hustled from my single room for the last 10 years. But whenever I mess with this habit, by working from my couch and binging YouTube from my desk everything goes south πŸ˜… Also, after reading this I'll probably invest in a standing desk πŸ˜„
Vedran Rasic
@ralic it's so awesome when you share something publicly and you find out that you are not the only one doing it. Now rationally of course I know it but needless to say that it's much better knowing it empirically :) "random daily showers πŸ˜‚"
Vedran Rasic
@ralic standing desk is a must! I heard in EU ikea has some good options. Here I prefer one Canadian brand called PrimeCables
Thank you for all of these! I found #15 especially interesting :) I have also heard that working in your bedroom is not a good idea, because your brain gets wired and associated this space, where you should rest, with work and work mode. So if you have that opportunity, it would be great to physically separate work space and "rest" space.
Vedran Rasic
@konstantin_sharespace correct... I think the separation of the rooms is a must. Corners help haha. Believe me, my first Toronto downtown condo didn't have doors other than the washroom and entry-door and I managed it :))
Qudsia Ali
While I agree to most of your suggestions, I would also like to share some of my thoughts: When working from home, we need to make sure that we complete our supposed duties within the work-hours as it can largely interfere with our personal lives, causing an unbalanced work-life.
Vedran Rasic
@qudsia_ali valid point Qudsia! In my experience 2 out of 10 will do it within the work-hours.
Mikela Richardson
Great tips! I just started WFH and I'm still trying to get into the swing of things.
Vedran Rasic
@mikela_richardson #freedom! Best of luck! :) πŸ€
Luka Vasic
Take daily walks, helps you relax and reflect on your work.
Vedran Rasic
@luka_vasic YES! + weekends in the nature outside of the city. 😍
Marina ĐuriΔ‡
Love the insightful tips, I would add a few more: 1. Having a kick-off habit that starts your workday - mine is coffee. 2. Take part in meetings, share your opinion and be proactive. 3. Enjoy breaks and hobbies to the fullest if you scheduled out 40 minutes for lunch, then it's 40 and not 20 plus looking at some course or e-book!
Marina ĐuriΔ‡
@vedranrasic espresso is my cup of coffee as the altered phrase goes πŸ˜‚
Jonathan Yan
Awesome tips @vedranrasic ! This is definitely helpful as I have started a fully remote position. For the company I am now working for, oVice, we aim to make remote work a fun and unique experience by giving users access to customizable virtual spaces to make them their own and interact with their team, peers, friends, etc. in real time! You can always come check us out at tour-en.ovice.in and have a look. :)