Remote Project management

Sebastian Britz
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Has it been hard to keep team members engaged remotely?
Not really
Extremely hard


Maciej Cupial
Bootstrapping 📅
I think it is problematic, nowadays where people see each other only on cameras, we don't have enough human-to-human interactions.
Sebastian Britz
Co-Founder & CEO @digitty
@maciej_cupial The face-face contact factor is definitely something everyone is losing out on, but would you say that it has affected the work flow or engagement drastically?
Pavel Kukhnavets
I would say it's rather important to visualize your plans and tasks in remote project and team management so that nothing gets lost. High-quality visualization is the key to success. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right tool for these purposes. When is comes to managing virtual teams and projects, GanttPRO ( is one of the best software solutions. The tool offers a robust Gantt chart for professional planning and scheduling. Beyond the Gantt charts, GanttPRO enables team communication and collaboration through comments, attachments, real-time notifications, and mentions. In terms of resource management, users can track the performance of team members, as well as whether someone is overloaded or available for more work. All this makes it a great solution to work remotely.