Remote is eating culture

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More and more people who work for the web feel lonely or not involved in their work atmosphere after remote happened, do you feel the same.. Many new collaboration startups pop out to solve for remote. Few I guess are working towards solving for people..What a paradox if we have to think about re-creating what gives people a sense of belonging again.


I fully agree with you. People who work for the web or otherwise feel lonely and worse "they are isolating themselves". The working atmosphere, emulation and support are important for morale and well-being, as well as for productivity.
Paul VanZandt
it's especially interesting for teams like ours that are separated across continents. We wouldn't have an opportunity to work in-person/hybrid even if we tried, so there has to be a solution that involves working remotely.
Sergio Zaciu
@paul_vanzandt truth. That's the situation we are in too.
Sergio Zaciu
that's an interesting point! I think startups have a responsibility to provide opportunities for co-workers to build a community and culture, but I'm also surprised how many people I know have just accepted becoming couch potatoes and hermits when in reality the absence of a daily commute has freed them up to do much more with their time (I do think part of this is on the person, and there's little a company can do to change human nature). People I used to see once a week I now see once a month; so strange.
Paul Hart
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Paul Hart
@fares_aktouf @paul_vanzandt @szaciu - come say g’day if you’d like to start solving isolation in a remote teams context. 💯✌️