Rebranding an Open source project

Andrea Cavagna
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When we created our first logo for Leapp more than a year ago, we must admit that we did it in a hurry! It is common in the startups’ world to feel the need of acting fast to rush into the market, and, in this process, something is often left behind, with regret. Today, Leapp has grown in a fully-fledged project, sustained by the community and adopted by many specialists worldwide. Now it is finally time to slow down and do some new make-up. As we said, we are Noovolari. We want to create an ecosystem of tools orbiting around the brand. To do so, we came up with some valuable guidelines, both formal and conceptual. We all agreed that it all comes to an identity that wants to be: - Modern - Replicable - Scalable - Meaningful - Iconic Creating an identity for a product is not a simple task. Nonetheless, after days and nights of work, we managed to define a magic formula, somewhat mathematical (well, we are still Engineers 😃), to find the way, both for today and for the years to come. That's how we've made it. What you think about it?


Christian C
definitely a lot of work behind the rebranding! well done and thanks for sharing the process :)