Product Makers, What Tool or Product inspired you the most while making your own product?

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Everyone derives inspiration from some place. Did seeing some other product inspire you to make your own product? Did you combine some features/designs from another tool or app since you felt inspired by it ? What aspects inspired you the most : the design , features, marketing , strategy ,etc ?


Co-Founder of Between
Well we got inspiration from a whole bunch of things. Zoom Rooms and Meeting Owl helped inspire the main product. Our main design (we wanted to stand out) is actually inspired by some synthwave/cyberpunk designs out there. We do have another version coming up that's moreso inspired by Superhuman's landing page!
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That's great @between_team . Getting inspired from mutiple places and incorporating them into your work can surely help to quickly uplift your products. Nicely done.
CEO of Iconfinder
I felt inspired by a combination of Google and Amazon. I got my idea for Iconfinder back in 2007 after visiting Google HQ in 2006 and wanted to build a search engine myself. Amazon has been fascinating from a business perspective e.g. their ideas about the flywheel to building a business.
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That's really nice to know @leblancstartup . That means we all have Google to thank for inspiring you to make a wonderful resource of icons that has helped countless developers 😀 . Thousands of people may have visited the same place, but only few get inspired, and even fewer turn that inspiration into reality. Kudos on doing so.