Product makers , how do you handle burnout ?

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It's no secret that making a product is a 24/7 job, but with that comes frequent brunouts. What steps do you take to prevent it ? or to recover from it when it happens ?


Tobias Gray
Set attainable short term goals and a reward for getting them done. I like to work on a feature and when its completed I give myself some time to relax gaming or a day off to go on a hike or something depending on how big the feature was. That way I don't feel bad for relaxing a bit as I've just been productive.
Nice point @tobiasgray . Celebrating the small wins and appreciating yourself can go a long way in pushing aside all the usual stresses of life. I've already been doing the rewarding part quite well, now I just need to get to the part where I actually do some work before rewarding myself 😁
Alena Shikova
The obvious way - to let yourself relax more. That's simple but not everyone accepts this. We think we should be way more productive, constantly challenging ourselves to work more like machines.... What does "relax" mean? It means that you DO NOTHING, you DON"T work mentally, don't listen to podcasts - in a nutshell - you turn off your mind, completely. The same with a body - sit, lie, maximum - walk. Sport, jogging, gymnastics - whatever - doesn't count as relaxing. I started doing it 2 months ago - letting myself have a real rest and you know what? It has worked for me though in the very beginning it was way more difficult - do nothing)))) I also want to share with you guys the app I use right now during my workflow (and all of my teammates do). This is not an advert or spam. I really like it as it predicts my potential burnout (and a lot more other useful things). It is soon to get launched on Product Hunt and you can subscribe to get early access to try:
sounds nice @alena_shikova . Like you said, it really does boil down to : just relax. I guess like most things in life, the simplest things are often the hardest to do right. But, sooner or later, we have to somehow give it a start, and try to focus on our self-care by truly realxing and being out of all the worries and stresses. Thanks a lot for sharing your progress and the helpful app. All the best.
Jaskiran Kaur
1. First of all, drink cold water, it will help you to calm down your body. 2. Relax a bit. 3. Remember why you are building your product, what are its goals and objective, how it will be helpful for people, which problems it will solve for them, this ways it will be help to get back to track, get motivated and help in recovering for burnout.
Nice points 👍. Like you said @jaskiran_kaur , cold water is actually something that is simple yet neglected. Drinking and also splashing some on your face can often act as a quick reset.
Jaskiran Kaur
@notanothervivek I always drink water when I am burnout and feel frustrated, your point of splashing cold water is amazing. I will definitely try out when I needed next time.
Daily running or workout, I find it helpful to balance mental exhaustion with physical one, and give yourself periodical short escapes go doing what you love for the weekend and don't do anything related to your business