Product launch platforms

ann nalbandyan
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Besides Product Hunt what other platforms would you recommend for new product launch?


Anna Metric
I would recommend BetaList.
Silvi Hambardzumyan
I have heard about StartupStash, there are also a number of tools for startups to use.
There are plenty good platforms out there it depends on the audience that you are targeting. If you don't have a clearly defined audience I'd suggest testing out some platforms with considerable amount of active users out there, Like: StartupStash KillerStartups BetaPage Startuplister Publicize Good luck^^
ann nalbandyan
@galia1999 Thank you for this much valuable information.
@galia1999 Hey!! Thanks muchh 👋👋
Fabian Maume
For all: For SaaS:
ann nalbandyan
@fabian_maume thanks a lot for valuable information.