Product Hunt Launch Stories

Matthew Dickey
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Hey, my name is Matt and I'm prepping for my first launch on PH and would love to hear stories from you guys! What went well? What went terribly? I want to hear it all. Ps. This is definitely the nicest community I've ever found on the internet.


Ryan Gilbert
Hi Matthew! 👋 I launched my Workspaces newsletter ( 6 months ago and here are my quick thoughts. Keep in mind this is just one perspective for a fairly niche product launch here. What went well? -Finished 9th on the leaderboard for the day -Drove hundreds of new subscribers -Was included in the daily newsletter due to finishing top 10 on the leaderboard. This also drove ~100-200 new subscribers. -49 comments of mixed congratulations/feedback on the launch page What went terribly? -Can't think of anything! Why did this launch go well? -I had spent 1+ years building the newsletter and the community with it before even considering a PH launch. When the time was right for a launch, I was able to let them know so that they could show support and let the PH community know why they've been readers for so long. -I went in with zero expectations. With it being a newsletter, I didn't have any expectations of finishing #1 or even being on the featured homepage at all. -I had a growing Twitter audience from my work growing the newsletter that was very supportive in my launching on PH as well as recommending new guests to feature. -I responded to every comment on the launch post! I think this is very important to let people know you see and respect their feedback. I hope this was helpful in some way! Let me know if you have anymore direct or specific questions for me!
Maxwell Davis
I haven't launched yet, but just have a quick search for previous launches - lots of people share their stories 😀 Good luck with yours! 🚀🚀
Elena Cirera
Same here, I am launching my product on the 6th of March. I also want to learn successful launching from others.