Product Hunt Launch After the Business Launches?

Owen Fay
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We know that launching on Product Hunt can be great for new products that haven't gone to the market or are brand new. Can it still be effective if the business is about 6 months old?


Qudsia Ali
Yes. I believe it can. We have launched our "Product Bravo'' in the market and are now working on launching it on Product Hunt.
@qudsia_ali I am the founder of I did the same, launched it because it felt right. Now using producthunt to promote. Do please register your company with us, also you can advertise jobs if you have any. and give us a feedback. see if we can find any synergy and create network effect.
Fabian Maume
Yes, it definitely deserves it to launch early one, just do not expect to make it to the top 5. You can however go for no-frill launch to gain some exposure and a do-follow link from product hunt: Product hunt allows you to relaunch after 6 months if you have some major update, so launching early on is not an issue.
Owen Fay
/@fabian @fabian_maume Thanks, my business did a launch a few months ago without knowing much about how to be successful with our launch. We've made some major changes since and plan on doing another launch in a few months.
Luma John
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