Procrastination is not always bad

Priyanka Ramabhadran
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Although it is unpopular opinion I feel like sometimes procrastinating some tasks, has helped me focus on better and put in my 100%, as then I am truly motivated to do that task. What's your opinion? P.S. Not stating that every day procrastination is ideal


Samir Rashed
Hi Priyanka, I agree with you. Let's call it "healthy procrastination"😀
My work pattern is to work on what excites and interests me first. I do get around to the annoying tasks eventually but in the meantime it's not forced.
Priyanka Ramabhadran
@maxwellcdavis I never want to force the tasks too. If I do that then I won't be able to give it my 100%
100% agreed, I also noticed that sometimes a few of such tasks become irrelevant or evolve into something else so it's a good thing I did not waste my time on them in the first place. And then if I notice a pattern in what I tend to push off - time to delegate!