(POLL) Use Email Verifier for a newly launched product ?

Rupjyoti Nath
2 replies
For a newly launched product or a startup with small user base, every valid email address matters. Do you use an Email Verification API (real time) to check existence , typos or if disposable ? If not, why?
Yes, we use Email Verification API
No, because it's costly
No, never felt importance of it
No, we don't use API but use bulk verifier before sending marketing emails


Rupjyoti Nath
Software Developer
Feel free to comment your views. If you use an API, where do you use ? During signup or before sending transactional emails. If you don't use, feel free to mention any other reason for not using.
Mert Baser
Co-Founder @ TransferChain ⛓️☁️🔐
To reflect the real #s it would make sense to use one. For instance, we use it right at the end of the signup process