POLL: the best and not so best no-code or low-code platforms

Nicole Ogloza
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feel free to let me know what you are using for no-code or low code software and if there is something interesting that you find about it, whether it be a PH product or other! I am particularly focusing on web/mobile dev, and just need to know if i'm on the right path!


Nabeel Amir
I believe the best no-code or low-code platform is Appian. And I am not sure about the not-so-best.
Dominik Keller
Hi there, I work for low-code start-up www.five.co, so I won't cast my vote here since I'm a little biased. I just want to chip in and say that the products that you have listed are all very different: for example, Appian and Outsystems are enterprise low-code platforms and are very expensive. Bubble on the other hand is a no-code platform that's great to build MVPs even if you're not a coder. Long story short: the first question to ask is what purpose the NC / LC platform is supposed to fulfil? Are you looking to build enterprise grade apps? Do you want to build an MVP? Or do you want to build an app on top of Salesforce for example? They are all entirely different use cases, and for each use case you can find the right platform.
All these tools are very different and don't fit the same use cases. You can check at https://nocodefamily.com/tools If you're looking specifically for Mobile Apps or webapps take a look here: https://nocodefamily.com/tools/w... https://nocodefamily.com/tools/m...
Pritam Kumar
In my Opinion "Adalo" is one of the best tool in the market. The experience is really good and you can create you app real quick with it