Please share your valuable feedback on our upcoming product page.

Elena Cirera
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We're launching Vidmonials on Product Hunt soon! I am Elena Cirera, product owner of Vidmonials ( Vidmonials is a Video Recording software. It is a next-generation software to record videos; it also offers features like screen recording, text to video and video publishing. Subscribe to our Upcoming page on Product Hunt ( to show us your love and support as we are going live soon. Please let us know your feedback and ideas on launching our product successfully.


Hi Elena, I think that a 1:23min video is a bit long at least for my attention span on a SHIP page ! Also when I click on your website I feel that the product is already live so I'd like to see on the SHIP page what extras I will get to follow the launch vs goign directly on your website ! Hope it helps :)
Elena Cirera
@patricia_bsc_kairn Thanks for sharing your feedback; I highly appreciate it.
Satyendra Sahani
Hi Elena, Paste your upcoming page here - for the feedback.
Hamza Afzal Butt
Prior to launching, we did much work. We had prepared for a month. I will describe some of our key actions: . Create your launch page & schedule it 2 days before launch. . Schedule the launch for 12:01 AM PST or 1:31 PM IST. . Don't stress much, and just enjoy the rush . Find a hunter, it really helps. Though we didn't have one and we were still the #10 product of the day and managed to get around 100 upvotes. But the right hunter can help you even more.
Rukhsar Amjad
Here are 2 pieces of advice: 1. Engage on Twitter, DM people, and retweet people in advance and get your account active before the launch. We noticed that lots of traffic actually came from our Twitter presence during PH launch. 2. While you can aim for top 5, don't feel too much pressure from it. It's amazing if you get up there, but the expectation sometimes takes away from the excitement of this experience. You'll have the chance to launch again... and again... and again, so no sweat if it doesn't go the way you might expect it to.
Rick Turoczy
Thanks for sharing this! It strikes me that you're missing a potential opportunity. Your headline specifically states that your product is a way to "win trust." Then the very next section provides "reasons to trust us"… and it doesn't feature your product — which is designed to win trust. If your product increases trust, then it seems like a good way to demonstrate that ability is to encourage customers to record Vidmonials about why they like your product. A series of Vidmonials under "reasons to trust us" would go a long way, both in sharing users' perspectives and demonstrating the functionality of the tool. Rather than displaying badges from other organizations, which I don't — ironically — tend to trust 😂 Hope I'm making sense and hope that helps.
George Apostolov
Hi Elena, While I am not a Designer, the black color on the landing page seems a little bit too much for me, for a nice video recorder, but I like the "Features" page. And I would probably replace the "Start now" button with "Give it a shot" button. Because I think a lot more people would like to try the product before reaching out for a demo(The "Start Now" button gets me to a book-a-demo page" Otherwise, It looks quite good Looking forward to your launch
Elena Cirera
@telltrail I appreciate your analysis and feedback. I am looking forward to your support on our launching day.
Murtaza Asgerally
Great product. There is a huge potential in SEO and marketing. Wish you all the best
Björn Morén
Hi Elena, I might not represent a typical consumer, but I'm allergic to marketing hype words like "revolutionary" and "next-generation". If your product is good, it will stand on it's own without such expressions. Good luck with the launch!
Irina Heinz
Been watching your product for a long time, good luck with the launch! I look forward to supporting you. ❤️