Planning to send out newsletter to our users to support our launch. Any tips?

Naomi Garcia
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Hello wonderful people of PH community, As we are nearing our launch for Beeyond AI, we are planning to send out newsletters to get some support from our existing user base. It's a recommended step in many launch guides. Do you have any tips? Dos and Don'ts of newsletter promotion for launch? Thank you for your support! πŸ™


Amit Arora
Naomi, sending newsletter to an existing audience is a very powerful method to gain traction for the launch. But I'll suggest to make sure that your list is active and responsive. Otherwise, it might not help you with the results you are seeking. If the audience is not very active in your current newsletter, then try to start sending some emails ti create curiosity among them. So, that on the day of launch you have people waiting for your email :) What have been your learnings around this?
Naomi Garcia
@amit_arora We have not been doing newsletters for that long. So, the engagement is fairly moderate, as of now. Not very high certainly. We will try to craft newsletters aimed at raising curiosity at first then. Thanks for your suggestion! And thanks for supporting!
Dzmitry Tsemirau
Everyone sees it differently, but I prefer brevity. Long emails with lots of fluff really irritate me. So as for me, be brief, precise, and respect the reader's time.
Naomi Garcia
@dzts Sounds perfect! Will keep this in mind when crafting the newsletter! Thank you for suggesting! πŸ™
Ashik Hameed
Hi @naomigarcia Congratulations on nearing your launch for Beeyond AI! Here are some tips for your newsletter promotion (some that I had in my notes :) ): Dos: 1. Clear and Compelling Subject Line: Make sure your subject line is attention-grabbing and clearly states the purpose of the email. 2. Personalization: Use your users’ names and segment your audience to make the content more relevant to each group. 3. Value Proposition: Clearly explain how Beeyond AI will benefit them. Highlight key features and unique selling points. 4. Call to Action: Include a clear and compelling call to action, whether it’s visiting your site, signing up for a demo, or sharing the news. 5. Visuals: Use engaging visuals and live screenshots to make the email more appealing. Don'ts: 1. Overloading Information: Keep your message concise and to the point. Too much information can be overwhelming. 2. Generic Content: Avoid sending generic emails. Personalize the content to make it relevant to each user segment. 3. Neglecting Mobile Optimization: Ensure your newsletter is mobile-friendly, as many users will read it on their phones. 4. Ignoring Feedback: Encourage recipients to provide feedback and be responsive to their questions and comments. Best of luck with your launch! You've got this! πŸ™Œ
Naomi Garcia
@ashikhameed Thank you Ashik for the suggestions. Will make sure to keep these in mind when we craft our newsletter!
Christoph Dyllick-Brenzinger
Short email with clear call to action. Still be genious and ask for support. Don't push your users/fans/customers.
Naomi Garcia
@christoph_dyllick_brenzinger1 Thanks Christoph! Will make sure that we are not too pushy as we ask for support.
Abhra Ch.
Launching soon!
Hey @naomigarcia! πŸ˜„ Congrats on the upcoming launch of Beeyond AI! πŸŽ‰ For your newsletter, make sure to keep it concise and visually appealing. Highlight the key features and benefits of your product, and include a clear call-to-action. Personalizing the email with the user's name can also make a big difference. Don't forget to test your email on different devices to ensure it looks great everywhere! Good luck! πŸš€
Naomi Garcia
@abhra_ch Thanks for the very concrete advice there! Also, by the way, all the best for your launch too! ❀️
Salar Davari
I think it's a good idea if you offer them a discount code. Like if they support you they can get some discount. Oh, don't make a long story of it because they'll never read it. By the way. Let me know when you launch. I'd like to be there and help.
Naomi Garcia
@salar__davari Thank you for the insight! We are launching on July 15, Monday! Would be great if you hit that "Notify Me" button and help out on launch day! Really appreciate your support! ❀️
Andreas Sohns
@naomigarcia When crafting your newsletter, make it engaging and to the point. Share the best features and benefits and maybe a success story or two
Tanya Sharath
Keep your newsletter concise and focused. Highlight the key benefits of Beeyond AI and include a clear call-to-action.
Gurkaran Singh
Sending out newsletters for your launch is like adding the secret sauce to your tech recipe - it's all about striking the right balance of info and excitement! Remember, keeping it personal and engaging will make your users buzz with anticipation. πŸš€