PH Launch War Room access 🤝

Satyendra Sahani
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Over the few months, I have learned a lot about how to plan a Launch. Since We are launching tomorrow, we want to give back something to the community 🙌 I and My team is going to be in a PH Launch War Room. Comment here and I'll send you the invite to the War Room. See you there 👀 Here is the war room access -


Maxwell Davis
Sure - No idea what it is but I'd be up for seeing it 😀
Brian Nutt
Good luck with the launch.
Brian Nutt
@satyendra_sahani Sure thing! I've launched many product but never on PH so I'm curious to hear about what you did well and what you would have done differently. Cheers!
Shyam Barange
Excited for the Launch. 🚀