Paid ProductHunt Upvotes?

Ahmed Saleh
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Hello, community πŸ‘‹, When I launched Classtra on product hunt, someone reached out to me on LinkedIn promising that for $2,500 they would upvote the product until it's the #1 product of the day. They claim to only find legit users and showcase the product to them. While we considered it, we did not move forward with it! My questions to the community here are: 1. What do you think about this approach in upvoting your product? Is it fair game? 2. Is it really worth it? Or does it only serve to distract you from getting real feedback about the value & popularity of your product?


Farooq (SF Ali) Zafar
Ahmed, Hope you're well. Thanks for starting this discussion, and asking important questions! As the #1 Product Hunter* (top voter) I think I'm qualified to answer. 1. This approach is NOT fair game. It is a clear violation of PH Community Guidelines: "Do Not Spam - Mass messaging users, asking for upvotes, using bots, incentivizing upvotes, and any other form of artificially increasing activity on your contribution is not acceptable. Self-promoting in comments or discussions will also be removed. Only genuine activity will be accepted on the site. Attempting to "game" your contribution could result in its removal and your loss of contribution access. Failure to meet these guidelines could result in your removal or suspension from the Product Hunt community." 2. It is NOT worth it, for several reasons: a) PH monitors and flags automated/bot activity, and sooner or later you're found out. b) "the cream rises to the top" - no number of votes can compensate for a weak launch, poor product-market fit, bad planning, and/or several other important variables and factors to consider before, during, and after one's launch. Conversely, great products are often sleeper hits: though not top product(s) of the day/week/month/year, these launches gain a small, loyal following which then exponentiates (network effects, power law, etc.) over time. c) Reputation is legacy. The world has, is, and will keep getting smaller. Tech is an even smaller bubble: cheaters/spammers, especially once infamous, never "stay" ahead, if the plan was to "get ahead" (Theranos, Shkreli, etc.) but that's another topic for another discussion. d) Signal vs. noise. This approach distorts true customer/user/community evaluation, feedback, reviews, not unlike paid Amazon (product) and/or Meta/Facebook (Pages) 5-star reviews heavily skew average ratings higher than actual self-reported sentiments. *I mean this not as self-promotion, rather statement of fact: I have manually reviewed and voted for over 213,725 products over the past 7.25 years, without automation/bot/coding. I have been solicited to hunt, upvote, review, comment, share, etc., for countless products and launches by many ambitious entrepreneurs and founders, and have never taken the bait. Doing so would not only compromise my personal ethical and moral compass, but would be doing a huge disservice to my absolute favorite community. Keep hunting. Take care, stay safe, and be well. Cheers! :) Farooq (SF)
Isam AbdulWahab Ahmed Nagi
@sfali789 this makes most sense to me. I believe in meaning. Truthful meaning. The ones that need it can use it and i believe that’ll gauge your success. My opinion and i dont have much experience but makes most sense to me. May Most High give you what’s best
Maxwell Davis
@sfali789 Well don't think there is anymore to say πŸ˜€
Ahmed Saleh
@sfali789 Thank you for taking the time to write your detailed thoughts on it. To be honest, I feel a bit better about my decision not to take that offer as I have wondered at times if that would've been a good offer to take. My own view on the matter is very similar to yours, but definitely rings better from the #1 product hunter πŸŽ‰. (Also, congrats on that)
Ahmed Saleh
@sfali789 @maxwellcdavis I know, right 😁. A great answer by a well qualified person!
@sfali789 Agreed! We had also an offer from a guy saying he will get us top3... but we declined! And actually, we are #3 today ^^ => Plezi One. Would love your expert feedback!
Elena Cirera
I think paying $2500 is not a good option. First of all, it's not fair. Even if your Product is number on the Product Hunt, in this way, you can not achieve your desired result of the sale. Organic and genuine activity can boost your Product; I think you should go for the genuine activity.
Ahmed Saleh
@elena_cirera I agree, thank you Elena. Indeed organic and genuine activity is the goal, and this would cloud it.
Angi Bowman
I wouldn't touch that offer with a 10-foot pole. As others have mentioned, it's a violation of the PH terms. The ramifications of using it far surpass any benefits. In addition, while getting to the #1 product is the overall goal to get more eyes on your hunt, it's not worth it in my opinion if it's not driving feedback or sign-ups within your product.