Out of curiosity: Are setup and maintenance of your development environment a major pain?

Maayan Patito
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As I've started to work with developers with the exact same pain between local/remote dev environments, I thought I'd try to gain some insights here also :) Thanks for helping


Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
Nope :) If you have more context will be able to add more details :)
Maayan Patito
@bogomep Sure! It is more in the context of coding remotely and experiencing more drifts, stability issues, "It works on my machine" syndrom, etc. Hope I made it a bit more clear- I am still trying to figure it out myself :)
Corvin Deboeser
For startups, setup is a one time pain that usually requires a lot of custom steps bc every product has their specialities. Maintenance has not been a problem in my exp. 😉 I cannot say for corporations.
Rosie Higgins
can be a bit of a pain on occasions but I wouldn't say a major pain.