Our launch story with tips, and templates. Maybe it can be useful for your future launch.

Julia Doronina
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Finally, I have finished a long-read with the story of how we decided to launch a complex B2B product on Product Hunt and got into the TOP-5 with our advice, tips, and templates! I hope it will be helpful for those who are planning to launch soon. Here is the link: https://medium.com/@demyanchuk.j...


Arda Helvacılar
That was highly needed information for our upcoming launch. Thank you so much for sharing in detail!
Anna Kuzma
Hi, Julia! Great post, thank you for sharing the priceless experience! We are also considering the launch, and l also have concerns, as we have a complicated B2B product, mostly targeted at large companies, and what I see on PH are more straightforward end-user solutions.
Julia Doronina
@kuzmanna I am happy that it is useful! Good luck with the launch! I think you need to try, in all cases it will be new experience!
Thanks for sharing @julia_demyanchuk - picked up quite a few new things I hadn't from the other case studies!
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
That's incredible, thank you so much for sharing!
Fabian Maume
Thanks for sharing. I strongly agree with your first conclusion: "Even if you think that your product is not suitable for the PH audience, try."
Archisman Das
This is brilliant Julia. thank you so much for sharing. Can you share a bit more on how did you go about engaging with the community and how many points did you accumulate pre launch?
Stefan Smiljkovic
That is a great post, Julia. Thanks for writing and sharing it. Did you maybe track how many new backlinks/domains with a PH launch? That is an important part of PH launch as well, for SEO.
Lalit Tyagi
@stefan_smiljkovic there is trackable logic there i suppose it does need to have future backlinks and search ability also
Julia Doronina
@stefan_smiljkovic Unfortunately, no, we did't track them, but I think that we need to try this tool, thanks!
thanks for the info :)
Nishith from True Sparrow
Thanks for sharing your learnings! Very helpful.
Devanand Premkumar
Pretty interesting and useful read full of actionable inputs. Thank you for sharing your experience and the journey. Good luck!
Hey @julia_demyanchuk, It was like the need of an hour, the right thing at the right moment. Great write, appreciate it much! We are also planning to launch our B2B SaaS product (https://www.producthunt.com/upco...) soon on PH. And it is definitely going to help us prepare in the right direction.
Julia Doronina
@imtiyaz922 Thank you!! I am really happy that it's useful for many companies. Good luck with the launch!
Joanna Radecka
Hey Julia, that is a very helpful guide, thanks A LOT! We're planning on launching soon our project management platform, so these tips are appreciated! & Congrats!
Vedran Cindrić
As we are getting ready for launch this is really helpful! Tnx!
Nik Hazell
@will_geffen worth taking a look at this 👀
Riya Handique
hey thanks Julia! This is super helpful 🙌
Sofya Narbut
Thanks for sharing, Julia! A great read.
Anett Keresztes
What a great post, it was a pleasure to read your strategy in such a detailed way. Thank you, @julia_demyanchuk for sharing.
Kiran Kanakadandi (yugahq.com)
This is just brilliant, Julia! Very thorough and very useful and all things PH in one place. PH should pin this somewhere on the landing page as a how-to case study -- in fact, I see this option called Stories up in the menu and I think that is something you can publish your story onto. Regardless, I've bookmarked it and will use the guidelines for sure -- thank you very much!
Thank you for this!