Our launch day is tomorrow and here’s our plan

Shushanik Shahbazyan
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Following @nimrodron I decided to share our launch day plan, which is tomorrow :) And I promise to share also the result and expertise after that. Our product is Uteach, an all-in-one platform for starting a teaching business in minutes. We started to get ready for the launch two months ago, and I hope to have a great day tomorrow. Our plan for tomorrow 1. A cup of hot coffee with cookies :) 2. Post Uteach on PH 3. To send emails to all our registered users and subscribers (several days ago, we sent an email and inform them about our launch and asked them to register on PH) 4. To reply to all comments 5. To have a launch break 6. To post on social media 7. To Write to Edtech influencers (we made a list) 8. Post in all communities where members know about PH 9. To remind our friends to support us. 10. To answer website online chat messages (I guess it’ll be active) 11. To go home and continue to follow the process. P.S. When we decided to launch on PH, I thought that becoming the #1 Product of the day was important, and we should do that. But to be honest, I changed my mind. Valuable feedbacks, newly registered users, and maybe paying customers are more important than just being the number 1. Even if your product is in the #4, you can get a lot of new leads ))


Armen Tadevosyan
Yeah) I can't wait for our lunch day.
Alessandro Pavan
Hey @shushanik_shahbazyan! Great list and very helpful! We are planning the launch of our product too, and this is very valuable information :) I'll make sure to spread the word about your launch with the people at V7 tomorrow! Good luck :)
Nishith from True Sparrow
Good luck for the launch. Your plan looks solid. You will do great.
Beginning the day with a sweet treat is always a good idea :) Nice plan: productive and balance 🙌 Would to hear how it goes, and good luck!!
Shushanik Shahbazyan
@jessie_m tnx a lot ) We are live. Pls check. Hope you'll like our product and will support us https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@shushanik_shahbazyan Very cool! Yes of course, just upvoted :)
Ezra At ComplYant
This is exciting! Congrats
Elena Cirera
I wish you good luck on your launch day!
Shushanik Shahbazyan
@elena_cirera Tnx Elena. We are live. Hope you'll like Uteach and support us :) https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Hemant Warier
Congratulations on coming live!
nice list, you should celebrate at the end of the day. no matter how your product ranked you will be achieved something great!
Kapil Gadhire
Such a solid plan! And I can already see that it has worked well for you. Wish you great success not just on PH launch, but for the product as well!
Sophia Emma
Thanks for the great list! I'll be sure to check out the book on launch day.
Aryan Singh
All the best for your Launch day 😎👍 I'm totally new to PH and this was really helpful.
Mario Camús 🤓
I'm happy you reached #1 app of the day @shushanik_shahbazyan. I am a bit late but I already helped you with my upvote, hopefully you will become the #1 of the week as well 🥳 By the way, I am curious about the "writing to EdTech influencers" strategy. How did you do that? I mean how did you know who the edtech influencers were, how did you get their contacts and how did you approach to them? And a part from that, was it worth it? Once again, congratulations on your launch! Now it's time to shine and show your value 🚀
Ruben Lozano
Good plan! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I agree. The most important thing is the feedback and opinion about the community. Basically, this is like huge user research where users can give you their feedback for free. With that, you can improve the product and become #1 in the product version 2.0. Cheers,
Dhruv Bhatia
Awesome, you did so well! Congrats and wish you the best for UTeach 🚀🚀🚀
Olivia Watson
I'm sorry for wishing you late. How did it go?