Paul-Simon Emechebe
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What type of database do you use for your Saas and why


Ivan Ralic
Predominantly SQL because it brings better structure and relations to data. I'm into B2B and that stuff 😄
SQL - it's more structured, works on structured data, supports data consistency, and personally i believe it helps in improving the database structure as i focus on writing optimized queries.
Luisa Lu
There are several reasons why I use SQL. Simple queries can be used to retrieve large amounts of data from the DBMS very quickly and efficiently; SQL is easy to learn, almost every DBMS supports it; it is easy to manage the DBMS with sql development tools because it does not require a lot of code. Most companies store their information in databases. By "companies" we mean business, development, science, and entertainment. They all use at least one DBMS (e.g. MySQL, sql development tools, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server) and most of them "speak" SQL.