No Code Smart Contract Generator !

Nate Zapata
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We just launched a no-code smart contract generator platform. We are looking for ideas for smart contracts to add to our smart contract? Which type of smart contracts would you like to create with no code?


Taseen Tanvir
The hype says it all. For now, it would be just an ERC721 or ERC20 contract. At best all a web3 person would need is an ERC155 contract. But maybe in the future, we would be seeing other use cases.
Nate Zapata
@taseen_tanvir Hello, how are you? Yes in our next release we are planning to support all those contracts.
Fabian Maume could give you some ideas. if you want to go toward the storage area.
Amanda Trincher
Our company uses contract management software for banks - and it works great for us. There are also other industries or workflow and document automation tools