NFTs vs Crypto ⚔️

Alex Papageorge
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I think by now, we can all agree, there is HUGE opportunity in the NFT space. In fact, I was reading that "NFT" now has has a higher search volume than "Crypto" on Google. A trend I'm expecting only to continue... What do you think? Understandably, both NFT's and Crypto are intertwined - Big which will be more popular in 5 years....?


Mikhail Aksenov
The answer depends on what you mean by "crypto" ( I hope that NFT in your question stands for non-fungible-token ) If crypto is an area of blockchain solutions then here is my answer: NFT is just smart-contract complying with RFC thus means that NFT is a field of crypto area and "VS" between them are pointless because crypto includes NFT. If NFT will be very popular - so does crypto just because NFT is a subset of crypto.
Andrew Beburishvili
NFTs are much too overrated, my opinion. I would diversify the risks and also invest in such coins as Dentacoin It is now on the 60th position in CMC according to its capitalisation but it is very promising as a lot of analysts say.
Kirman Smith
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Andrew C.
NFT's have certainly gained a huge amount of traction in todays market scenario... most probably that could be the reason BTC is dipping right now, i think. NFT's however have a great diversity of application in the near future.
Kirman Smith
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