NFT-Inator update: 6 days after launch

Ben (Snakespear)
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Hey Hunters! I launched NFT-Inator here last Tuesday which got finished the day at rank #5, and wanted to provide a little update on the stats and growth from our launch weekend. On launch day, we had 948 page views across 716 visits, from 648 visitors, and saw similar stats the day following launch. In total since launching we've had 4.8k page views across 3.2k visits, from 2.6k unique visitors. Of those 2.6k visitors, ~1k of them launched the product and just over half ran the generator or explored the platform. We've received ~100 mailing list signups to date. Following launch day, we were also featured in the Product Hunt newsletter, which was responsible for the largest hourly spike with ~300 visitors. We were also featured today in UX Design Weekly, which accounted for another 343 visitors. If you missed our launch you can check out our listing here: Please feel free ask any questions in the discussion below or provide feedback!
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