new site idea $$$$$

Jimmy Spikes
6 replies
What about a web site that helps founders navigate around all the trolls and scam investors, just a list of verified investors with what their interest are in.


Nikola Cvetkovic
I like the idea of turning the tables :) However there are a lot more startups than investors so that would not be easy.
Jimmy Spikes
@nikolacvetkovic its worth a shot have you checked out scaleupstream its pretty close to it i signed up today to check it out
Jonathan Massabni
Agreed, it will be a challenge to make it stand out, but definitely valuable if it doesn't exist. something like this website : https://www.angelinvestmentnetwo... ?
Rich Watson
Haven't explored the investor circle yet, but don't most sites that do funding or find investors for startups do this already with some type of vetting? what about a database where of scammers, where users can report or something. in my industry there is a ton of scammers
david wises
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