Yehuda Zahler
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Wow, we are hours away from my first ever Product Hunt launch, and I'm really feeling the nerves. Aside from this being my 1st time as part of a launch, I'm directly responsible for it as Head of Growth. We have put in the work, and now it's just time to see the results! Does anyone have a good way of handling the stress of launch day?


Nabeel Amir
I am the Product Owner @ WorkHub
Best of luck with your launch. I will keep an eye out.
Yehuda Zahler
Love Founders! Love the grind!
@nabeel_amir Thank you!
Venla Kärkimaa
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I "suffer" from nervousness, stress and anxiety from titme to time too. I've yet to launch any products here, but I can imagine how stressfull it must be. My best advice when struggling with the nerves is to ground myself in the moment i. e. try my best to focus only on what's at hand at the moment, maybe even through physical exercises: For example concetrate to feel the ground/chair etc. beneath you and feel how it carries you. Accept that you can't change what has already happend nor affect what is going to happen. It's a big cliché, I know, but it really works for me! I hope the launch went well (since I'm already a day late when posting this) and you handled your nerves enough that you we're able to enjoy your day and feel proud about yourself and your accomplishments as well 🎉😍 Congrats on the launch!
Mike McMinn
Co-founder of MyHub Intranet solutions
Good luck