Need feedback on our website

Abhi S
10 replies
Hoping to get some feedback on a website iteration. Be critical and please let us know if you "get it" within the first 30-60 seconds. - What do you think we do? - Who do you think the product is for? - Does anything on the website confuse you? - Is there anything missing?


Jonas Schaller
Looks very clean and professional. You could use Lazyload or sth like that or use an Image Loading Animation so we wont see how its slowely building the pixels
Sarthak Gupta
You have good a good user interface. Please work on the security part.
Ben Cotte
Here is my audio feedback in a context of 30-60 seconds dive in: All in all, it is really clear what it is about. Well done!
Abhi S
@ben_cotte incredible, thanks so much!
Abhi S
any further feedback would be highly appreciated :)
Tadas Kertenis
- Is it like a virtual game'ish online/offline room? with a video/messaging capability? - For remote teams - The overall design is nice. - I would love a explainer video, cause I'm still a bit confused is it for my business or for other types of businesses
Karan Baweja
@tadas_kertenis thanks tadas, we are making an explainer video.
Abhi S
Thanks for the feedback so far everyone! Please do keep it coming, would love to hear more thoughts :)