Need feedback about our website

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Hello, We need some feedback about the message you understand on our website. Any tips to update it or improve it ?


Leejoo Hwang
Just off the home page, it's very text-heavy
Anjali Apeksha
The color of the "Get a Demo" buttons looks like disabled. Add a small banner saying you have free things. Add testimonials if you have.
@anjali_apeksha Adding on ... I know you're asking for feedback about your copy, but I would recommend running your CTA buttons thorough a contrast checker. I don't think they pass accessibility laws. And since they are your primary CTAs, you want that as accessible and pleasing as possible!
Maxwell Davis
I'd re-write this sentence "Retrieve all the datas of your video call!" I understand what it's trying to say but if it's for an English audience it might not come across well
@maxwellcdavis Thank you for your return, can you detail more why please ?
Ruben Lozano
Hello @enola_vedovotto If I have to run the 5 Second Test on your above the home page I describe your product as "A solution that provides metrics about meetings". Then, once I was reading more I saw is for sales meetings and not for normal meetings for teams, which I thought at the beginning. I will suggest adding something like that to the homepage. Also, I think there are too many CTAs above the home page. I will try to make it more simple and easy for the user. The more CTAs the more distraction for the user. Cheers,
Dapeng Ni
What I understand is that you offer an application that can analyze meeting data to help you come up with sales strategies or solutions. As I see it, it's like a digital transcriber. Not sure if I understood correctly.
@dapeng_ni Transcription is indeed part of our functionality. But the analysis is not based only on the transcription but on all the documents and tools used during the meeting (the answers to the questionnaires for example). But you have understood the essential, thanks to all the features we help teams to save about 5h per week and per user. Now that the product is performing well, it remains to be found how to properly explain it to future customers and visitors
Mohssine Dardar
Hi @enola_vedovotto My opinion as a Web Developer/Designer 1- Too much text, some text are huge, I feel like I read a PDF file. 2- You can do better for text color (The text is too bold and black) 3- You need add padding at the bottom of the fixed navbar (Product Page) 4- In mobile devices, some images are streaching 5- 👏🏻You have a good performance score, and a great SEO score - I checked via Google Lighthouse I like the project, Good luck :)