Need a simple attendance / time sheet for my employees

Nora Conrad
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I am trying to get away from a super manual spreadsheet for tracking our 15 employee's hours. We need an app that lets our manager quickly mark when people arrive and leave. We don't want the employees tracking the time themselves since our manager starts them every day. We just need to know when they arrive and when they leave or if they don't show up and that's it. All the apps I'm finding have way too many features that we just won't use (and don't want to pay for) or it doesn't allow the manager to quickly clock people in and out. Any suggestions?


Nora hi! Here's a listicle of the most used timesheet templates I hope you'll find a perfect solution there.
Hi Nora, If ever you are still looking I just came across this app: Did you try it? It's free to clock in and out employees, delegate tasks and train team. It's for up to 50 users which seems to fit your need. Hope this helps :)
Nora Conrad
Thank you for the recommendations, everyone! Unfortunately, we are still on the hunt. We do not want any kind of GPS tracking, employee kiosk, or similar. Most of our team is older and don't even have a smartphone, let alone want to train on how to clock in on their phones. We need a super simple solution that the manager can use to clock the team in. It seems a spreadsheet is still the best option for this.