Nano and Micro and Macro Influencers, Oh My! 🐯🐻🐱

Rachel Levitz
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Hello everybody🚀 Currently researching the effectiveness of nano/micro influencers specifically for SaaS. I can't seem to find any relevant information that isn't a recruitment guide or promoted content. I would love to get some insight on the matter or referrals to relevant articles!


Stav Zelnik
Physics and Tech
Hi! I would take a look at this link - very comprehensive.
Nim Ron
Co-Founder & CEO of Amy
@stav_zelnik Thanks!
Ido Lavi
VP Product / Amy
@tomerdean Any insights from the audio world?
Tomer Dean
Building digital products since 1989
@ido_lavi Many of the advertisers that work with AudioLabs are SaaS companies targeting various B2B groups on social audio
Fabian Maume
Founder of is a good tool to look for influencers. If you need more help my agency ( can help you setup a campaign for influencers.
Rachel Levitz
Analyst at Amy
@fabian_maume Thanks for the tip!
Miriam Levitz
From my experience the outcome of utilizing influencers for SaaS has similar outcomes to traditional brands with great ROI, requires different strategy though.