MyPath - landing page roasting (give us honest feedback, please)!

Kirill Manaenkov
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Hi Producthunters! Our team have created a landing page for our product early adopters - We would love to hear your honest feedback. Is it clear to you what is our product made for? What we can do better? Any troubles with UX/UI or wording or what else? Thank you for your feedback and have a good day!


Reza Ghenaat
Hi @kirill_manaenkov . I have some feedback. First of all not bad to start 👏 But a few points: - The first part (Hero section) is big and crowded and empty! Simplify the background to make the text look better. - Use more icons - Use the grid (for example, there is no blog on the grid) - Improve the footer - Use more product images
Hi @kirill_manaenkov - I am sure at some point you will add an actual LOGO - The graphic elements in the hero section are too cluttered, try to deliver the hero text as clearly as possible, avoid color grading where it might conflict with the text color, where the eyes first land is where the first understanding of the product is - make it clear as possible with less distractions , next is the call to action ( email ) let the visitor know that something is below that, call to action -> scroll
Jasper Ruijs
Hey Kiril, Cool business idea. - I would add more images and remove text. Most people are visually oriented. - Show in a video, how it works. - Remove the blog, a launch page is to get people hooked. To summarise simplify, and focus on speed to value. Take a look at this website for example.
sagar kolwankar
Hey Kiril, Nice Idea! Few Pointers - - Focus on explaining the idea more than how it will work. if you are able to explain the idea on the first scroll itself then your user conversion rate will increase. - Use context specific visuals (Illustrations or Images) - The whole website is too text heavy (too much for a user to read and remember you from) - The first page graphic's highlights are colliding with the white headline (Less readability) the graphic has covered the whole page leaving less negative space. (negative space or empty space gives a breather to the user) - How it works can be Infographics with less text, it will be easy to grasp for the user I hope this was helpful. Thank you.
sagar kolwankar
@kirill_manaenkov best of luck! I can offer you services for an effective landing page design. do let me know if you are interested :)
Parag B.
the page looks nice. I like the colors, spacing and images. I not too sure about the blog articles... perhaps just have a link to another page which has the blogs? Also I think for the content/email buttons you should have a email icon next to the links? Just makes it more recognizable.
Evgeniya Gerzhan
@parag_ayetap thank you for your feedback) how is idea? did you get it? :)
Gus Sachdev
Cool idea, not a fan of the page. I will comment only on the first fold 1. Too busy, too many colors, gradients may make a comeback someday - but use flat colors for now. 2. I understand the subtle message you are trying to convey with the colorful circles - it is probably how your product works/looks. I suggest, keep it simple. Your main message gets lost with all these distractions. 3. The logo looks like a slider button, I was inclined to click on it to see if the view changes, or if somethings comes on or off. 4. I would change this whole text "To find out your new career opportunities and get early access to the platform leave your email behind. We’ll send you an invitation as soon as we launch our product." With "Request early access"
James Quinn
Looks nice and clean! One piece of feedback I'd leave is trying to make everything for a particular content section fit on one screen. This makes things easier to digest and to understand if the section is relevant to readers interest.
Benoit Chambon
Hi man! Nice shot! Maybe some suggestions: -The hero section is too big (user can't guess there's something under, and the "send request" here doesn't help); plus, rounded shapes are too much present, hide the text, and is not explicit about the idea of your project -Make the motion a little more dynamic, not only with a static iPhone; -Maybe you can add some pics of your team? Good job, keep going! May the Force be with you! :)
Alexa Vovchenko
Hi Kirill, this idea is soo cool, I like that a lot. And yes, the copy is clear, no UX/UI issues found. I'd mention though that the page doesn't look consistent in the design, it's kinda not 1 page, but several pieces combined together. Hard to give any exact suggestions, but I'd still work on it. Have you already considered a pricing model? Good luck with the project!
Kirill Manaenkov
@aleksandra_vovchenko thank you for your support! We're working 24/7 on launching. About pricing - on the MVP stage it will be free.
Ben Sibley
There's one big change you've got to make: the text at the top is too hard to read. This is because the color contrast ratio is low and background is rather busy. There are lots of people with some form of vision impairment including color blindness that could have a tough time reading this, and if they can't read it, the chances of conversion are 0%. This is a great tool for checking your contrast ratios: Otherwise, I would recommend sticking more to standard design conventions. There are some elements that look a bit incomplete, such as the paragraph at the bottom. It looks like it could us a heading above it to clarify what the text is about. I would recommend looking at other sites listed on PH, browsing themes on Themeforest, and checking Dribbble for inspiration and to find common page sections you can copy. This will make it easier to create design patterns that are easily recognizable and readable.