My startup generated its 1st ad revenue after a year of it's launch.

Jitendra Pal
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After working on Telegram directory for 2 months, I launched it in April 21. This is my first project which I have made fully from scratch and that too when I was learning PHP on my own. Initially this project did not look so good, but I kept on improving this website and as a result daily unique visitors started growing and now it reached 500+ daily unique visitors mark. I consider SEO and constant improvement on website as the main reason for this growth. And as the visitors are increasing, Advertisers are also showing interest to put their advertisement on our site. Because of which yesterday an advertiser booked two slots of Telegram directory and we got our first ad revenue after a long year. I am very glad that the time and energy which I spend on it is now paying off.


Paul VanZandt
Congrats! We're pushing for our first paid customers and have found it super difficult.
Arun Pariyar
Sweet Success, Congratulations Jitendra ! All the very best for futureπŸ‘
Larry Novack
Congratulations ! I think it's a great result and not everyone can boast that. It seems to me that in any business you need to have patience and you need a lot of knowledge and patience to succeed. It doesn't matter what you do. It can be a job or a game or something else like working with cryptocurrency . I wish you the best of luck in your future work!
Innocent Amadi
Dude, Huge W!!! Congratulations!! Makes it all worth it, doesn't it? :)