Music Box with NFC technology

Francamaria Abram
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NFC specialists... we need your help! Hi guys, we need your help! Since 2019 we are selling a kids storyteller under the brand Faba: it’s a Bluetooth speaker that thanks to an internal memory and an NFC reader can play the content associated to various NFC tagged figurines. Unfortunately, we got the news that another company got the patent in march 2021 for an NFC activated speaker. But since their first deposit was on 9th january 2014, they got the grant starting since January 2014. The history of this patent is quite complicated and a bit odd, so we want to fight it because we think it is not a real innovation. There were plenty of NFC speaker in the market before 2014! And here is where we need your help! I kindly ask you to help us finding some NFC products and projects related to this, going back to 2013. Can you try to help us? Thanks!! Franca
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