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How do we motivate ourselves to do our task when we are in a bad mood?


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We shouldn’t rely on Motivation to complete our tasks. A lot of people had asked me about how I manage to consistently produce content and maintain my personal brand. They want to know how I find motivation and inspiration. Here is the truth; as a working mother with a demanding full-time job, I don’t always have the energy, motivation, or inspiration. But my key to consistently producing content is through this system that I’ve created. I am not waiting for an inspiration to strike or creative energy to appear, I just sit at my desk and get to work. I’ve written about the system I use here:
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@eisabai This is insightful, Thanks Isabel.
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Just ask yourself to do any task for 2 minutes. beginning is the difficult. After that, you can work there easily.
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@falak_sher Great Idea Falak.
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Simply find a way to relax for a few minutes, you can join slitherio to let go of the sadness
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Just remember the deadlines to pay your bills. Then divide with the days remaining and see how much you'd earn per day. And then generate the money with no if no but's
I am fond of Science,Technology,Art,etc
@john_delavera Wow John, that is a brilliant advice. I will definitely try this.
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