Most used tools?

Siena Romes
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For me, my most used tools are: 1. Trello (work assignments, 2. RumbleTalk (for events, 3. Notion (personal checklist, 4. Skype 5. Google Meet (for team meetings, What about you?


Sandra Djajic
1. Tira (for team communication, task & project management, and calendar): 2. Google Meet (for video calls): 3. Google Drive
Qudsia Ali
My most used tools are: 1. LinkedIn (Sales Navigator) 2. Grammarly 3. Skype 4. Google Docx, Spreadsheets & Meet 5. Notion
Hi, Siena! My top three: 1. Ourly (for meeting scheduling rolled up into networking and conversion for something new; just launched today actually) -> 2. Google Meet (virtual has fast become today's standard for human-to-human interaction and Google's suite is a hard act to beat) -> 3. Webflow (our CMS being the very bones and body of the company in C21, carrying for the world to see our mission, message, and product; can be stubborn as a mule though before getting over the learning curve) ->
Siena Romes
@charlie_buch this is nice! I will check out Ourly!
Suvojit Manna
I find myself breaking out: Notion Google Docs Meet But recently Notion has been a power house of productivity for me.